Invoking inner daemons with sex magick

So I’m gonna spend the week end with my lover, and we’re gonna try to invoke our daemons together. So I know he has prepared his thing and knows what he does, I’m a bit less confident but thanks to Eva’s posts on her working with her daemon I think I’ll be just fine, I mean, in the worst case I won’t invoke a shit and will get banged in candle’s wax which is totally fine.
I’ll work from a drawing I did of my daemon instead of a photo, and … well that’s basically it, some candles, probably circles / triangles of manifestation or I don’t know what my guy planned, our mind and our hot ass.

Do you guys have any advices, random knowledge or any experience to share ? suggestions ?


None really, it’s an adaptable working and thrives on sexual energies, have fun! :+1: