Invoking In a public Place

This is something i’ve donne it sometimes.I want to be able to do magic not only at home,but everywhere.Last time i did that,i was walking in the sidewalk,listening bineural theta waves on my mp3 player and decided to do the Nitika chant (NAP).After the conjuration i felt imediatelly dizzy,and i began to tremble.I was ready to do something to ground and balance my self,but people and cars were all over the place.i coudn’t do anything.So i kept walking with the entity’s energies around me,and after 15 minutes i was almost ok.Great experience and a very good lesson.If i can do this at home,nothing stops me to do it everywhere.It can be donne.Also for the last 2 weeks i’m doing the NAP titanic ritual on the go and it’s working quite well…

The problem with invoking in public is people can pick up on it. When meditating, praying and chanting mentally (not vocally), a stare in your eyes might tell others you’re in a trance or something, so you’ve gotta be careful to make yourself look as normal as possible lest they go “you’re talking to yourself” or something…

Wear a single earphone and people think you’re on a mobile phone… these days, 99% of people in London at least walk round with glazed eyes talking into their phones, you actually stand out if you’re NOT like that sometimes and I’m not exagerrating.


Something I’ve wanted to do is set up a public temple espiritismo style and call down the Mighty Dead and other higher deities to interact with the congregation. I think I might do something like that if /when I start my own botanica and get other people interested.

i was wearing sunglasses (lol),and i was whispering the conjuration.I found out that whispering is more effective for me because it drives my tension to hear what i’m saying,and it cuts me off from external sounds.I believe no one heard what i was saying.

A few months ago I was on a holiday in Portugal (Lisbon). As we were randomly walking around the old part of town I felt bored and a little frustrated with the heat. To make life fun I decided I would invoke Satan as practice for a ritual I had planned to do later that month. I repeated his Enn for what must have been a good 1,5 hours in my mind, up until the point that if my girlfriend talked to me and I replied the Enn would resonate onwards regardless.

Strange events started occuring, mostly in the realm of synchronicities (one of us would say something and the physical embodiment would walk along almost instantly). Such things always make me feel king of the world, it shows you reality can be broken (even though I didn’t control any of it).

The funniest thing was that we entered a historic church, and my mental reciting of the Enn was so automatic at that point I never realised the irony of invoking Satan in a church. When I noticed it and realised I didn’t give a damn, reminding myself I would invoke wherever I liked, a warm glow and deep satisfaction descended upon me. We had short dialogue in that church, nothing transcendental or anything in that vein - just some confirmations of ideas I had and the expression of kinship.

Anyway, long story short: if you can detach properly from the surroundings you can invoke anywhere. It might even lead to startling effects you’ll never get in a temple, since that’s a contained environment. But to get good results you really need to not worry about people picking up on it.

I consider rooms where others pass through regularly to be more public places, seeing as I hardly ever leave the house, so it’s always been there or on car trips when I do invocations… Rarely in my room or anything unless I need a large spread for the sigils.

Spent the majority of my life so far on auto-pilot, hanging out with friends in the back of my mind, so it isn’t too hard (the not looking suspicious part)

May I ask what his “enn” is?

The Enn for Satan is:
Tasa Reme Laris Satan

If you google demonic enns you’ll find a list of all the known demons, their station/family relation and of course their Enn (mantra, if you will). Most have a sigil, some such as Azlyn do not, which might be a pain if you’re not comfortable to work without one.

Ah! Thank you very much <3

I use to do this while running… I would run and it would bring me to a trance like state (sometimes i would stare at the moon or sun also) One time i ran past this tree chanting and it was empty. I made a lap and came back to the tree and it was full of crows… and they were all making loud noises as if i had drawn them there… the wind started blowing and it got real dark quick… Another time while running i was chanting and meditating… and i looked beside me and a huge buck was running about 20 ft away, exactly parallel to me. I stayed back a little to keep it unaware… after about 2 minutes it saw me and ran back into some tall grass.

Ive done this a lot, mainly seeing eagles and relating it to horus watching over me… :slight_smile:

I did it again.This time i was walking in an empty road and i decided to do an angelic conjuration.Once the entity came,i felt dizzy and i couldn’t breath.I kept walking for a few meters like a drunk guy who’s ready to fall on the ground and vomit his guts.I told him to back up a little because his aura was very strong and expanding but i didn’t want to send him away.To cut the long story short,I state my purpose,and told him to leave quick because of the obvious reasons.
He showed me some signs of his presence and then he left.I didn’t get the results i wanted of course,but i’m not giving up that easily.

I know this topic is old but i prefer to use it than to create a new one.

So I would like to invoke in public as I no more can in my house… the thing is that the place i want to do it is near a graveyard. Can it be a problem?

Just dont do what this guy did.

Of course. :+1:

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