Invoking Azazel

So two days ago I invoked Azazel while trying to evoke him. I’m very new to dark magick and this was my first evocation attempt. I ended up almost passing out and was only able to see him in my minds eye. He appeared to me as a glowing cloud of purple and black, and gave me advice on how to successfully remove what was blocking me from a successful evocation, however I do have some questions about what he said.

  1. He called me “his purple eyed girl” which is confusing in of itself.

  2. He told me to meditate litterally as much as possible. If anyone has any advice as to how, it would be greatly appreciated.



Meditation can be different from one person to another, for me its clearing the mind and allowing thoughts to flow. When you are in that point of clarity, then you receive messages clearly. It could be through a vision, a thought, a feeling. Ive started practicing this many many many moons ago, it was not as easy when I was young (too many distracting thoughts). I meditate for many reasons and one is when I connect to my guides, I focus my mind on one thing, to connect. Then it puts me in that moment wherein, it’s just me and my guide and nothing else around matters. If you’ve never meditated before you can start by listening to some meditation music or chants (kundalini yoga uses a lot of these), then allow your mind to focus on what you want to meditate on, whether its to reach relaxation or to connect to Azazel. When distracting thoughts come up just allow it to flow out. There are downloadable videos and music that can help you.


Thank you!

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@Eye_of_Ra knows azazel very well. Maybe she can shed some light



@karma_mage feel free to pm me about any questions about Azazel. I do work closely with him and could possibly help.

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It seems when I evoke Azazel I feel him a day later, between 3 - 5am when I’m woken up. Those are always times when I’m exhausted and have to work. Haven’t gotten an answer why he doesn’t come when I spend a long time invoking him in my free time that I dedicate to him. His presence is very strong, unsettling really out of a deep sleep. Any thoughts?