Invoking and requesting appearance

How come so many of the pathworkings I read are asking the entity you are invoking to appear? I thought appearance was only expected when you evoked? On the other hand, I have only been invoking rather than evoking, and they sometimes appear.

Is it common for an entity to also appear when you are invoking? I’m still new to the LHP. thanks

Well, when you invoke a spirit, you are taking into yourself its qualities. They do have to actually show up in order to facilitate that.

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ok, so what’s the benefit of evoking instead of invoking. It seems like it would be more beneficial to invoke bec you would then inherit those powers and use them yourself…

Evoking is generally used to get something done in the material world.

An example would be evoking Sallos to physical appearance and tasking him with making someone love you.

Invoking is generally used to make inner changes to the self.

An example would be invoking Sallos to help you to feel more attractive and confident.

These are the traditional definitions within ceremonial magick. Gods, goddesses, and angels were always invoked, and demons were always evoked because it was believed you needed protection from them, even though you were asking them for things.

However, the religious practice of demonolatry, uses both words a bit differently. According to S. Connolly, demons should only be invoked, and her definition of the word seems to imply that it is a sort of open invitation for the demon to appear, rather than a taking of its traits into yourself. She sees evocation as a “summoning by force,” a kind of gun to the head type of thing, so she calls upon demons in the same way gods and goddesses have been traditionally called upon, that is by invocation.


I had an experience recently with Uvall. I recited his enn felt physical tingles/goosebumps and requested him to manifest directly in front of me and give me definite proof he was there. I saw bright blue sparkling orbs orbiting each other very fast and quickly before me. This is one of the first times I have seen a physical manifestation completely awake. I was pretty concise with my request as well. I said “these orbs are not going to cut it, I need something more obvious. That it’s definitely you.” and yeah that’s when the orbs started to become more obvious. I’m pretty sure anyone else around me at the time would have seen this as well.

Evoking is the whole point of spirit interactions. Be a businessman/scientist negotiate your deals to get what you want. Find out what works and what doesn’t. You will get your ass kicked at some point learning, you will get the raw end of a deal once in a while but it’s your responsibility to learn. Be firm and lead. Don’t be desperate for assistance if spirits see a way to use you, best believe they will. They also get a kick out of it. I have learned this from experience. With a few spirits, some were nice, some not so much.

I disagree with how people say that you should come to them, worship them with reverence. These spirits can be controlled/requested for assistance. It’s good to contact them nicely and negotiate but sometimes a firm approach is needed. Don’t get fooled some will use and abuse you to no end without giving you what you want. There are Solomonic methods for a reason and from my experiences I have seen actual proof that these are pretty damn effective. Just remember not to sell yourself short. There are many ways of evoking/doing things. Demons of Magick is a great book to start with. Sometimes you don’t need to see them, they will come to you in a lucid dream. This has happened to me a few times.

are you talking about evocation or invocation?

Evocation using Demons of Magick formula

Oh, I have only been invoking, but only the most powerful ancient gods, e.g. Samael, Lucifer, Lilith, Nahemoth, Belial, Hasatan, Azazel, Asmodeus–so far.

To me it seems like the lines of evocation and invocation can be mixed or crossed, and it doesn’t always have to be black or white. For example, I attempted to invoke Qualitu the Evil Mermaid Vampire Spirit other day to go and drain the life-force out of one of my enemies.
I read that she can teach us how to devour our enemies on the astral plane. Not sure I did it right though, because I attempted to invoke her, but at the same time I assigned her the task of going and draining my enemy would seems like it would be considered an evocation, rather than an invocation??