Invoking a spirit

So question how does it work when the spirit enters do you just let them take over? (Friends have done this just wondering how it works) if it’s not clear what I’m asking about it’s a form of posseion where the spirit takes over your mouth and body for a bit to communicate with those that don’t have their senses open

Should work, the old-style evocations used someone as a medium, sometimes a child (because their psychic senses are more open), Dr John Dee has Edward Kelley as his medium, it’s a well-recognised method.

The method discussed a lot on here, of being both the operator and the medium, is reasonably new-fangled.

I know it works lol iv seen it myself I was just wondering how tho if you just fully give into the spirit or what my bad for not making it clear

Right - I don;t know how, it just does? Intent, I guess, maybe dropping any shielding, when I cahnnel I just sort of “do it”? :slight_smile:

Kind of like asking how to walk, you can see what happens and you know how to choose to do it, but it’s hard to put into words.

Gotcha like iv spoken to spirits through a medium and two of the people that I talk to can do it one invoked Michael and Raphael while the other was going to do lucifer but we got interrupted

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