Invocations to trigger the manifestation of dark entities

I’m writing a psychological thriller/paranormal book right now and I figured I would reach out on this website for some help because I’m not experienced as you all are on these topics. My protagonist found an old tome and is now in possession of it and it was intended for him to take it with him as the antagonist set him up to. There are highlighted words in the book that would trigger him to accidentally invoke a spirit to manifesting around him or serve as a temporary portal for the antagonist’s dead aunt to appear before him. The antagonist also serves Met Kalfu if that is of any help. Thank you.



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I’m a writer for a living so I can help you alot with this you need to bring about how he ended up with the tome
The exact spirit your including
Why is the aunt so important
What does the antagonis motives
How do the two know one another
And is the protagonist gifted with anything special to invoke the tome it’s self or did he have to do a ritual to invoke it touch it read it?

All this questions are good places to start when writin g a book then after you answer these
Depending on the entity you choose is how you make them manifest in the book…
Many ways to do this through smoke fire or paralyzed sleep or none sleep mirrors and physical form in which is a bit harder for some to do

I’m very curios to what your answers will be and I love to read and write in very exited for your book

That’s really cool, thanks for responding. I was either thinking whatever he says could help the aunt who already has a significant amount of power be able to physically manifest more than a few seconds. She practices Vodou and the antagonist usually invokes and serves Met Kalfu. The antagonist wants to help his dead aunt hunt down the main character and threaten him into finding her mother’s dead spirit which even she cannot find. She is envious of the main character because his power of being able to see the dead and spiritual power is greater than hers. The antagonist doesn’t know the main character yet and is currently just observing it with his dead aunt’s help. The main character has a strong dormant power to see and communicate with spirits and there happens to be a lot in his town.

Anyone can read or pick up the tome but it has no author or title and it lists a bunch of old photos of historically significant and often haunted places.

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That is very interesting bit ok have you ever tried to manifest an entity before we speak an end yes and the come but physically manifesting them is way harder then just speaking words it’s the words and emotion behind it the intent as well and the power inside of us if strong enough we can make them manifest into a being able to be back on this plain for a short time maybe think of some highlights and fails as well that leads to this event and then go from there you seem very passionate about this so I know it will come out great