Is there any type of invocation that I could possibly just do in my mind without any fancy additional tools and just file a petition to a spirit?

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Try these:

Also look up Astral Temples.

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You said it yourself, just file a petition lol. Evocation isn’t always needed unless you have an ongoing relationship with the demon or if your trying to build that relationship.

Invocations and petitions are different, both are useful and can lead to results.

If you want to do an invocation, I suggest you have a good relationship with the spirit you want to invoke and a good grasp of what it means.

If you want to do a petition, @DarkestKnight has a great thread. Search “Tutorial: Petition” I believe, or even just “Petition” and it should come up.

No, you don’t need fancy tools for most magick but it is fun. Don’t stress if you don’t have tools on hand.