Invocation while evoking

i read if one invoke a spirit the person can have a increase in psychic senses. my question is if i invoke King Paimon and when he enters me can i than also evoke him on the same time ?

what are are causes/reasons why invoking sometimes don’t happens?
because with the spirits of dmt that i have a close bond with, i’m not always succeed in invoking them.
i feel a shift in energy, but i don’t feel a very heavy strong energy, also i don’t feel “silent”. if a spirit enters me i feel different not quite my self. but again this not always happens and i want to know why… i want to fix that

i read with demons that i never have evoked i should not try to invoke why is that?

does ejaculation decreases magical power or the ability to feel the infernal energy?

because with ayahuasca ceremonies the always say don’t drink coffee, alcohol, don’t eat pork or red meat and don’t have intercourse for 5 days. does that also apply to demonic magick?

Not having sexual intercourse for a long period of time darkens the mind wonderfully. However, having sex often with demons has multiple benefits, I would describe the experience as Sephirothic.

No, unless you want those things to be important

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