Invocation tips

Must a precise request be made to a demon? For example, i would just like to commune with Bune, and then let her help me clarify my job search. I don’t want a sum of money, but only to learn how to earn it thanks to his help.

If I recite her hymn they burn the green candle (as i have done several times) and offer her drops of my blood on the seal, do you think she would like it?

It’s something I feel i want to do (maybe it’s a suggestion i get from Bune).

I hope i have been a little unclear. Sorry for my English.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Must there be blood! Why would you sacrifice your life?!

Could you explain yourself in other terms? Thanks.

Only two drops on the seal in order to strengthen the bond with the Duchess Bune.

A general tip most people will give you: Don’t give blood to entities you don’t know very well and/or don’t trust. Build up a relationship, chant their enn during invocation, then use blood. But if your intent was to strengthen your bond with bune, and you used blood, then you succeeded.


Yes I think she would very much like it

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I remember as a newbie not being able to see or hear them, and I thought, yeah, this isn’t real so might as well throw in some blood. Even after getting some request filled, I was like I have my doubts, but I realized that the blood won’t necessarily be all that helpful in terms of seeing or hearing them. Instead I found this Belial's Gateway Symbols
to be amazing. Honestly, I suggest working on the communication before making offerings.

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