Invocation of Prometheus, Lucifer

This is based from the book, Awakening Lucifer by Asenath Mason and Bill Duvendack. My post has undergone several revisions. I refrained from publishing to allow my experiences to settle. I aim for that to manifest as more content that you, the reader, can use. This post will be lengthy. I have observed a limited amount of material concerning Prometheus, in the day to day life. This post attempts to be a doorway into what is achievable with Prometheus-Lucifer.

The authors are indeed accurate in claiming the energy of Prometheus to be unpredictable. The chaos of Prometheus hurts, it is a pleasant pain. On the 14th of July, I invoked Prometheus. I am skipping the particulars of the ritual, and aiming toward the results, especially in the day to day. The heart chakra chilled, it is neutral. This family, those relationships no longer warm me as they used to. Previously, the embrace of a sexual partner sparked my heart, root and second chakras. They previously felt hot and active, palpably for 10-42 minutes. I find that I must force my heart chakra to feel as it used to. This neutrality, is strategic. Some enemies are bound to me by blood. If you uncovered evidence that those closest to you are, in fact and action enemies, a change is necessary. This change is a neutrality of the heart chakra. Let the student-companion of Lucifer note the correlation.

I respected my father, in it I saw a source of strength, wisdom, and integrity. Prometheus is primal, and doesn’t give a damn about human emotion. It is a titan, and shakes your measly roots because you are to become a titan of will and power. Man to titan, necessitates change. Change hurts beyond verbiage.

The Fire of Prometheus illumines. The illumination doesn’t give a fuck about your individual anything. The world isn’t against my (hitherto) father, it is he that is against the world. In short, the veil drops and I see. This ill-adjusted fuck beat my mother, black eyes in abundance. This ex-father did not raise me, for it was busy fucking it’s way across (the continent where we lived). I could continue, but it is difficult to convey in words what is beyond words. This man who called me son, I spoke to him. [I understand my claim of a neutral heart, what is discussed are matters of the heart. So this is messy in explanation.]

In summation, I was a mirror. “You run from your actions and the family protects you. You beat my mother, and the response to her is ‘why did you anger him’.” Accountability to the unaccountable is hellish, to the Christian sect follower. Wrapping it up, the response is this. “Grow up, you are not my son. You and (a relative) are cowards, fuck you. I have a great life and you are on drugs.” Folks, I am nearly three decades old. To hear that statement hurts like a motherfucker, beyond words.

Several weeks later, these updates. I am improved. My creative writing is achieving pages of new material per day. Some entities from the Kingdoms of Flame take interest. I am in a stable relationship, never before achieved. When “shit happens”, I feel as if meditation on fire and action overtake me. Or am I learning to master those? I’ve invocated Prometheus twice, and the third overlaps with Shemyaza.

I have learned much with Prometheus, Prometheus-Lucifer. This past part I will keep updating. As my work with Prometheus is ongoing; past, present, future. I’ve also started a youtube channel with a single video. If Prometheus was Man, it would smile upon it.


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:fire: Promethean Fire :fire:

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I saw Prometheus as a giant, a titan. The environment appeared to be isolated. The surroundings were dark, with nearly no light. It’s face had armored sections, like a bug and felt like a gnarled tree. It reminded me of a dragon, or dinosaur.
Prometheus then showed itself to be focused on a strip of what appeared to be film, as from a disposable camera. The film had occasional sparks of blue energy, that snaked around the film.
It then presented a flaming torch. It looked at me, as if expecting me to do something. I took the torch and turned it clockwise, the film strip speed up. I then turned the torch counterclockwise, rewinding the film.
It seemed to approve, and I briefly felt a throbbing in my anja chakra.

What follows is difficult to condense into words. It felt like a few minutes of a shroom trip. I saw other individuals performing the same invocation, and we all briefly acknowledged each other. This felt like the shape of a diamond. I, myself felt to be an edge of a diamond - acknowledging other edges (people). It was brief, but I feel that alot occurred unspoken.

Then, I saw a point within the torch. This point had a word “Sirius”. Presently I am working with the possibility of a link between Prometheus’ torch and the Sirius star.