Invocation of Lucifer


I have been looking at your site for sometime now and have read a few of your books , while working through other initiations unrelated to the draconian current.

I have just finished my main initiation in CM and will soon have the space to practice freely.

I have always felt a connection with Lucifer and even do private art pieces to him and in his honor,
I recently asked him for guidance in an unceremonious way and received plenty of mind bending light bearing revelations which no doubt came from him I feel.

My question is this ,
I plan on doing the invocation of Lucifer as found on your site,
In which manner must I perform this invocation?
Ceremonially after the opening of the watchtower?
or anything aslong as the invocation is from the heart?.

I am self initiated and have not got much connection with other practitioners besides online which is why I ask.

Thank you for any reply in advance.

Just to do it in a way you feel it’s suitable. I understand that you’ve already developed a connection with him, so feel free to follow your intuition. An elaborate ceremonial working is fine and you can add your own elements to the invocation – it’s always good to personalize your rituals. Or you can simply light a few candles, a nice incense, speak the invocation from the heart, and open yourself to the presence and consciousness of Lucifer. Both approaches are perfectly fine. You can also try one and then the other and see what works better for you.