Invocation of Horus

So soon is the great Sabbath Ostara! Anyone of you guys doing the Invocation of Horus? Is one of the most important rituals that should be done once a year. In the ritual no LBR shit!!! i recommend the infernal lbr with Leviathan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Belial, Satan or the thelemic deities: Nuit, Babalon, Hadith, Therion, Pan.

Here is the Invocation of Horus




Any insights? @MagusOfGamaliel


The link doesn’t seem to work for me.
Do you have another source for the ritual?

Do you have experience with Horus?

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The ritual is one of the most important in Crowley’s work. Maybe he knows more as because he has lots of knowledge in that area

The ritual is to find everywhere on the net. And is to be done on a Sabbath day


Cool man!

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