Invocation of Archangel Samael

Has anyone ever invoked the Archangel Samael. Does anyone have any information/pointers on invoking and serving the Archangel Samael without using an incense mixture that is equal to literal “TEAR GAS”. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve e-voked Samael (archangel of mars) more times than I care to count.And while he’s near and dear to me I don’t serve Samael …Nah . Samael serves the magus. of course you could make an altar and work to establish a deeper relationship with him .


Are you asking about Qlippoth’s Samael? Man I have no clue about that.

Samael is Lucifers real name folks

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Can anyone else verify this to be true ?

I thought Lucifer was associated with Venus, not Mars.

Im not sure about that but Samael and Lilith are usually paired together as consorts the mother and father of all demonkind according to some there is probably another idea out there though about them

What incense mixture have you used?

Lucifer is Lucifer and Samael is Samael. It’s like comparing Lucifer to Satan and Satan to Lucifer.

Lucifer’s possible names are: Attar, Eosphoros aka Phosphorus from what I have been found.

Can anyone else verify this to be true ?

I thought Lucifer was associated with Venus, not Mars.[/quote]

Depends on who you talk to. In most Grimoires, Lucifer is either a demon king of the East only or the entire emporer of hell. Lucifer as a name is just a title, that means “Light Bringer.” Nothing more past that.

Sammael is just Sammael, chief archangel of death and chief adversary (ha-Satan in Hebrew). Somewhere, some communications were mixed up and knowledge of either entity being one and same are strained at best.

Any Kabbalastic source places Sammael on the Kellipoht but never the Tree of Life. The only time you would see him, is when he’s adverse to Michael. However, that’s how the Jews knew him and, as far as I can tell, that’s about as close to the truth as possible. The Jews considered Michael, in terms of warfare, to be a righteous fighter with organized armies fighting conventional and fair battles with decency whereas Sammael was considered the creature for whole-sale slaughter, unbridled destruction and pouring gasoline inside bunkers of entrenched Japanese (as was done during World War 2).

From my studies, there’s more to that. However, to answer the OP’s question: no, you don’t need a strong mixture of incense to kill an elephant. Dragon’s Blood, black coffee/tea aroma or pure tobacco works just fine. Past that, he just admonishes you for not following certain precautions. He’s very, very stern. Similar to Michael, being militaristic but much, more vocal about your wrong doings. Fairly harmless when evoking his appearance- invoke at your own risk. He’s very intense at times as his role is that of a seducer, jailer and destroyer. Best of luck OP.

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I mean to say that Lucifier’s Hebrew name is in fact Samael. Remember “Lucifer” is Latin. Either Hebrew or Enochian are the two most magical powerful launguages i do believe, chaos magicians would hate me for this.

Runic is the most powerful.

In my own Opinion, Any Language, be it Plain English, when Speaked with Power, Intent and Belief will be Powerful, For me Language, Words, etc… Be it in any Languages are Vehicule that Carry the Power and Intent we Put in them.

Enochian, Sanskrit, Runic, Hebrews etc… are all Equally Powerful and Powerless in my own Opinion, All Depend on the Magician own Ability.