Invocation made me feel possessed and disoriented(Pazuzu and others)

I was an invocation virgin before I did it with Lucifer. I’ve only evoked, but invocation felt so personal, it made me feel weird but good, I felt out of place, like my body wasn’t mine and my hands looked strange to me like it wasn’t mine or it was the first time I’ve seen it. I passed out soon after and had strange dreams. That was all great but fast forward, for personal reasons… I don’t want to discuss, I tried invoking Lucifer and Belial along with two others. It worked to an extent but not the way I wanted it, maybe because I was expecting more. The following night I invoked tried to Baratchial, I’ve tried before and nothing happened to the extreme. So, I gave up and tried invocating Pazuzu, I thought nothing had happen, so I didn’t dismiss,(I never do for any spirit, I just let them leave on their own) but I was wrong. I was kept up all night, just unable to sleep because of the really strong presence, when I finally did fall asleep it was not for long but when I woke up everything felt heavy, the pores at the back of my neck stood up and I remember looking at my arm like I’ve never seen it before. This was a very different feeling than with Lucifer, it was stronger and felt like a possession, for a few moment I couldn’t tell who I was or what things were physically, I just knew it was but not what it was. I think I passed out soon after because I woke up a second time remembering dreams I had where I was possessed talking in a really deep voice and lots of roaches, everywhere, even on the cannister of bugspray I tried using. Back to the real world, still feeling groggy and still feeling like there was a presence, it’s like they wanted me to see them but I just couldn’t I just kept staring at one spot where it felt the strongest, it was a weird feeling I can’t describe but it’s like when someone’s trying to get your attention but you can’t tell where they are so you keep looking. For a split second it felt like the air was going to break like a window, but nothing happened, I went about my day normally as I could other personal things were going on concerning health(not mine), everything felt so dark that day but also I felt less human emotions for many hours, I wasn’t concerned about anything, I felt like if something bad happened it happens and it’s meant to and a cycle continues, it shouldn’t matter, we’re all just passing by but I also felt positive like nothing bad will happen on that day. While all of this was happening I didn’t understand why and I couldn’t remember invoking Pazuzu until a few hours passed and it all made sense. I collected my thoughts after and I’m here now writing this. While typing this out it came to me that while under I tried to evoke Verrine that morning before I fell asleep for good health for someone else. Pazuzu is one strong force. Considering. I enjoyed the experience a bit more than my Marbas + Sitri evocation. They didn’t make me sleep at all, but that’s a shorter story. Just sharing my experience, anyone that reads this I’m wondering if you’ve experienced similar? And yes, I’m a pretty reckless person. I don’t fear much things and do not care much about my general well being and strongly enjoy making connections with spirits. It all felt like they were waiting for me to. It’s very strange.


Never found the experience particularly “disorienting”, but definitely an outsider sort of feeling. Almost like watching someone do things with my body in first person.

It’s possible, but maybe keep your guard up if you don’t want it happening.

Succupedia has several excellent pieces on sort of merging your higher self or soul to a succubus. In my experience, at first it feels a lot like possession.

Also plenty of journals on here detailing invocation of a vast array of spirits.

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Before I went to bed I did the enn belial meditation for my daily devotion. After that I did the Lucifer enn meditation and I fell asleep. In the middle of the night I felt a stomach pain but a different pain. It feels cold and light but strong. It’s complicated. It went around my intestines. Then I felt a strong and dizziness ath the same time that went through my chest. I woke up and fell asleep again right away. Then I see strong visions that made me wake up and fall asleep again fast. That was a very weird experience. I don’t know if I am being possessed or what. Everyone, pls share me your insights about this. Thank you all :pray:

Whenever I invoked a spirit I felt a lot of strange feelings too. It is a strange thing to do, anyway, but it’s normal for invocation. I don’t do it too often.

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Possession, not so much. It sounds intense but it’s more so their energy inside you. I never draw in energies from too many spirits a day since it can be intense and draining. The effects you feel now might become less and less after a while

This is the first time I felt this and I consider this as my 2nd invocation. The first time I invoked Belial with my eyes close, legs flat in front of me. I can feel a strong pulse and heavy weight that’s on top of my legs. It felt as if his face was on my face and he is sitting on my legs and feet. I was nervous and I contained myself. I told Belial to pls be easy on me. I want to ascent and not go the other way. Then I felt the weight on my legs lifted and gone.

I’ve invoked Belial before, he never did anything like this to me. Did you make certain it was Belial and not an imposter spirit? Did you have any bit of fear while invoking? it might’ve been a test. I usually go in with no fear during invoking and evocations, when I started my fear made things worse, I felt darkness but it’s not like that anymore, I feel peaceful and calm as if I’m with a friend.

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I hasn’t afraid in the beginning but when I felt the weight and strong pulse I felt a little fear but controlled myself fast. I didn’t ask if it’s King Belial. I just knew it’s King Belial because I called on him.