Inviting entities into dreams

Inviting entities into my dream for a night doesn’t seem very consistent. I’ll make a decent offering and have contact with them and then I’ll see them in my dreams. Other times they don’t show up or I can’t remember. Why is it so inconsistent? Any thoughts?


could be the method you’re using to invite them into your dream, or simply a matter of improving dream recall.

I usually have shit dream recall, so when i do dream workings with entities the method i use to get a more definite result is to make a little ritual out of it. I usually invoke the entity first, then instead of closing the ritual there, I go and lay down (due to space restriction my alter is in the same room as my bed, if this isn’t the case for you either sleep in the ritual space or due the invocation in your bedroom) then I do a small path working type meditation of that particular god and try to hold on to and set the frame of mind to both remember the dream and experience what ever lesson they wanted to show me in the dream. works most of the time with me :slight_smile:


Thank you that’s a good tip. I never really do rituals but I think I’ll try that out! Something seems to help is sleeping with their sigil under your pillow, as well as softly chanting their name until you fall asleep.


You can sleep with their sigil under your pillow and scry into it before you sleep, while setting you want to make your intent known to the spirit .

That’s my most effective way, but of course it’s not fool proof, nothing is really. With some spirits they show up when they want to, and some are just really bad with rigid schedules and naturally drop by when they feel it’s important :slight_smile:

There’s an old world spell for that too but it’s more geared towards having revealing dreams but I guess it can help. I can look into that if you want me too .

Good luck !


Ooh sounds interesting do tell :slight_smile:

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It’s basically making a dream pillow with herbs that help to induce altered states and are associated with dream work . So definitely mugwort, thyme helps too, ginseng, valerian maybe, sage, lavender ) I think those are for general use.

Then you can add on specific herbs that correspond to the entity ( lemon verbena and dried rose petals for spirits would be good for Aphrodite or freya ) so that helps .

You sew a make shift pillow case,honest just stick up two squares of cloth with an overlap and you’ll be fine .

Charge the herbs to activate their properties, charge them with your intent ( here’s where energy work and visualization come into play ) then stuck it under your actual pillow , maybe in addition to your charged sigil and scry into that before you go to bed .

In the original version there’s usually a spell said over the dream pillow in addition to charging it but I’ll leave that up to you :slight_smile:


In my experience if you want to dream about anything you really have to get it into your subconscious. Thats why they tell you if you want to learn something read it before bed.

If youve invoked a certain being enough than their qualities will seep into your subconscious. Then they’re inside you and you’ve allied yourself with their energy. Then they are more likely to show up.


It seems to me like you speak about dream magick and for most magicians, it’s hard to develop. Workings should be done just before going to sleep. Also, if you want to meet with some entity, I can recommend workings at least 3-7 days in a raw. If nothing happens, give yourself more time, the experience will come later on and you would be surprised.
If your experience is authentic, there’s no way you are going to forget it or misunderstand it.
And, yes, they are inconsistent. There’s nothing much it can be done to change it. I guess it works like that.

Best wishes!