Invisible Tarot; The same card twice?

Have any of you experienced this? I felt compelled to do a reading for a friend and as I was doing this (really my first try) I drew the death card twice. Once as the current situation, as well as in the resolution. I suppose it makes sense that this could happen as you’re no longer limited to the physical cards, but rather receiving direct information. Has anyone experienced this before?

P.S: (If it pans out and turns out to be totally correct then I’ll let you guys know later, the friend hasn’t gotten back to me yet.)

Has he gotten back to you yet? Lol

hes not dead lol. Don’t worry.

Yes, also with playing cards, it’s just your mind taking advantage of not being limited by the number of physical cards. Some people argue that the cards each represent a current or fraction of reality that cannot and should not be replicated, but it’s possible that the part of your mind that did the scrying wasn’t bothered by that idea.