Invisible servitors

So I have a question about servitor creation. I’m not particularly psychic. Basically what I’m saying is I can’t see my servitors. I don’t question the process of creation and I always make them have an appearance, but what I’m asking is why do you have to make them have an appearance if you can’t see them?

Because it is easier for your mind to bring them into awareness if you have a basic idea of what they look like. The human mind is naturally inclined to create appearances, so if you don’t start with one, your mind will fill one in anyway. That’s why you can look at a stain on the wall, or a cloud, and see shapes and faces.

You can create servitors that are just basic shapes, like spheres, as well though. As long as you can focus on their function, you don’t really need to create a humanoid appearance. It’s just easier for some people to connect with their servitors in that way.


That makes complete sense thank you

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