Invisible for the taxes

What can be done magically to be “invisible” for the tax people. Right now, it’s impossible for me to work more to generate more income not do I have rich family to suddenly send me money. I’m in a country where people are heavily taxed and being a freelancer with no benefits, makes it even worse, so if I could at least be taxed less or not be verified if I don’t declare some small amounts it would help a lot.

I have the 72 demons book from GOM, but I’m not sure if there’s an appropriate demon (as this is not wealth increase per say) or even how to word this request.

Thanks a lot!

Corwin hargrove. I tnk on his magick influence has ritual. Similar to wat you looking for. But since u are gaining money. Ask a goetic spirt to cover for u since u asking the help to gain money.


do you mean the book “Demons of deception”?

I tnk either of them. He has 1 ritual. Not sure.

That won’t work , you could try a goetia spirit but at the end of the day , what makes you think the people that tax others don’t work with demons and other spirits themselves ?

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Just don’t pay them. You might want to invest in the invention of Alexander Kalashnikov though.

Mmm…I was talking about the gouvernement. People who review tax reports are regular employees, some more zealous than others and might or might not decide to do random checks…Paying less taxes is the only realistic way of “making more money” for me right now. That’s what I meant.

@Cruella @zorrito Practical djinn magick is the book, it’s got one to for influencing anyone that will be looking at your … say applications for loans or social security or housing and what not, as well as a ritual to provide invisibility. The issue with the invisibility ritual I believe , is you need to know who you want to be invisible from. The other ritual for financial influence you do not need to know who Will be looking at your stuff.

Edited to add: if you just need to be passed over and not given an additional check then @zorrito has suggested the right thing.

The ritual in this book for financial influence will do what your looking for.

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What about a spirit like Clauneck? He is great for business concerns and may be able to bring to your attention certain loopholes that would decrease the amount of taxes you have to pay.


Thanks keteriya.

I see that Bael can make people lose interest in your affairs, I wonder if it would work in the tax context.

The thing with invisibility, though, is that it will not work if anyone ever consciously goes looking for you, say, for example, if you ever come up for a random tax audit, or want to invest in a business and have to do a financial records check.

Invisibility can help in the short term, but for the long term, you would be much better served by calling a spirit like Clauneck to find a legal loophole that will let you pay less, than not paying what you owe at all and hoping to be overlooked.


Thank you, I didn’t think that Clauneck would be helpful in this situation.

And what about going to the tax center and describing your situation.

Moreh from L&HD helped me with similar problem .

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That’s not a bad book to try. I have that book and it’s got me out a couple sticky situations. Another possibility that you could try is using a Saturn square to constrict the amount of tax levied on you. I haven’t tried this myself but I have the square and they are great for curses of all sorts. If you can get one engraved in lead even better.

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If you could find a banker, global currency guy or federal reserve worker this one will keep you off the books. Tell them to locate a bank that offers reverse transaction at signs of theft, this means more than meets the eye, then get into the business of finding just 1 scam artist from Iran. Make a transaction with them and make a report to the banker, 1 iranian rial backwards is $81 trillion and he’ll verify the account before shutting it down earning $81 trillion for his firm. One known bank taking part is in Sealand, old home of Pirate Radio.
That should keep you in positive from prying eyes for a bit depending on which workers you get in on it.

Also theres an fbi agent stuck on everyone I tell about this who tries it out, he did it himself so just don’t freak out. Offer him a drink of hot sauce, he uses it to get rid of his alcoholism.