Invincibility King Asmoday!

hey im new member! i want to asked question! do anybody have deep relationship with King asmoday?

he trully give you invincibility? what type of invincibility? bullet proof ? LOL

can anybody explain to me?
and what personality of King Asmoday? patience? aggresive? emotional?

and how do you summon king asmoday?
sorry for my bad english
english is not my native language :wink:

Asmoday/Asmodeus is one of my guardian demons, so we have a pretty good relationship.

He’s playful, and gentlemanly. He can be a bit cheeky at times, and his sense of humor will either make your day or scare the shit out of you. Also, sometimes, Asmoday/Asmodeus can be explosive and intense, though this depends on the approach a person takes.

Invincibility, by the way, is not to be taken literally. I think it’s an exaggeration by the authors of grimoires. What Asmodeus can do, in reality, is make you mentally and physically stronger. But it doesn’t happen instantly. It’s a process. Asmodeus doesn’t like bullshit, so either you’ll learn from him (to become mentally and physically stronger, for example), or he’ll just ignore you or do something to you if piss him off.

And you can summon him in many different ways. What I do is meditate on the sigil and at the same time chant the name of an entity I wish to call upon. That’s what I do for any entity.


Simply a sigil. . . And you’ll know when his energy arrives. I was staring into his sigil and my vision glowed red when gazing. It radiated a sort of pressure that I could actually feel hitting my face which became a dull ache, like a mask of pain on my face from the glowing energy emission. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the sigil.

I asked him for advice on how to make myself formidable in Magick and the answer was “start with discipline and steady development in all areas of yourself.” I asked if the military would suffice for this strengthening and got encouraging vibes, also from people around me when hearing the idea. After all these reactions I took it as his gesture of willingness. So I asked for his guidance in developing my warrior strength and had a gold plated sigil medallion crafted for him as a petition of energy binding/invitation.

Wen I started sigil gazing for everything from lust to strength, I became more energetic and started complimenting women on stuff a lot. My moods lifted and I would even become a bit flirty and silly. Legitimacy was confirmed when I stopped gazing for a few days and got really down again. I’ve already had anger management issues throughout my life but my temper at this time went from short fuse to no fuse and fluctuating mood swings. Happy -> ANGRY -> Okay -> depressed -> more talkative, all in a couple hours.


Same experience here, minus the military part.

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What’s best to offer him? I mean to leave on his alter? Thanks :heart: