Investigating Potential Magic Through Locks of Hair

I think it’s possible to do magic or even curses through locks and tiny pieces of hair, but what kind of magic it would be? and for what purpose?
My story is that I always find locks of hair inside my room and specifically around my bed, I also believe that I’m in a deep relationship with a succubus that came to me 5 years ago without doing rituals\letters. Could that be a cause?

These locks of hair have tiny pieces of something similar to colored cotton balls ,mostly purple and green. Accidentally I saw something similar to faces what I took the picture

Your Thoughts?

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this would be Sympathetic Magick. Wherein you use a link to the target, like a lock of hair, to your magickal undertakings.

you are also thinking too hard about this. The hair i’m not sure about, but the face is coincidental.

OK now we know that ,then we need to link this to the arrival of succubus.

Can Sympathetic Magick be used to send entity like succubus specifically for a person?

Yeah but thats advanced.

But not mission impossible, even by using a phone call, right? :man_shrugging:t2:

Most spirits prefer ancient technology.

I see.

Tell me more about the Sympathetic Magick, if I want to send a type of entity like succubus by using locks of hair, actual hair from the specific target is required? and what else?