Inventive craftiness drives?

Am I the only one who will make a spirit board and planchette rathan than buy, make poppets rather than buy etc. Where once, your ‘Spiritual religiousity" really drew no "other action’ in order to hopefully achieve some aims-- but now find time money, Effort as a result of ‘pushing the spirit’ into our will as it were ??
i certainly have, After 2 years I have finally finished my spiritboard and planchette, probably longer than normal, but seemed only to work on it when it was irreplacably pictured in my mind to do ‘xyz’, but if I just tried to 'get it done in a normal few days time, would just be blank. And it was nothing fancy, quite the opposite! But i have a real deep essence relationship with Her, and now the Annointings, etc like last night-- will just be so good.
but, even at my worst as an RHP’er— did so much on a spiritual level for a project— well sorta


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