I’ve been practicing the craft for several years now actually, and only recently have I decided to appear on forums.

In all honesty, I started the craft at a time in my life when I was very angry and upset with everything, meaning most magic I’ve done has been in the form of curses and hexes, but I don’t want to be limited to just that my entire life.

My goals are:

  1. Learn other types of magic besides what I know

  2. find and establish relationships with entities willing to help me help myself

  3. live a healthier lifestyle

  4. grow spiritually with the guidance of the Left Hand Path.

  5. learn as much as I can.

As of right now I’m under emotional stress because of something involving a girl, and since before that, honestly, I’ve felt a strong urge to study more of the left hand path. I’d love to get to know and befriend all of you.

Welcome to the forum.

Damn, its nuts i keep running into a lot of people (myself included) going thru basically the same shit. Same with me friend, i discovered e.a. koetting, watched hours and hours of his videos and ended up on this awesome forum. And this all spun into action when my breakup occured a month ago, tho ive practiced/ been aware of the occult for well over 10 years, i hadnt been applying it to my life as much as i would have liked. Now that door is wide open. Do you think your ex was holding you back from your spiritual growth? Idk i feel like a lot of us are being called here for a purpose. The synchronicity is undenyable. We have had our lives ripped away and transformed in damn near identical ways, and now we are here to grow.

And welcome, im super new on here too, but this forum has become my new addiction lol. There is endless info and all my interactions have been both positive and insightful. Some awesome people on here, you will learn whatever you need to know here. Im amazed how well this community looks after one another.