I mostly go by Zena on the internet,

So far I have only mildly dabbled into the spiritual side of things, never going past my tarot and a pendulum or two using those to connect to deities and spirits alike. I intend to change that however, thus finally leaving browsing this forum in amazement and actually participating this time around.

This post will serve to share my current experiences and what I wish to achieve, advice is always welcome!

I grew up in a very religious serbian family which means I have a “house protector”. It didn’t dawn on me until 4 years ago that said angel on our candels, in tiny booklets and bracelets was non other than Archangel Michael. Which was hilarious to come to terms with since I was and still am interested in demons, looking for mentorship. He has often intercepted my pendulum conversations, until I promised to be safe on my ventures and think before I act. Next to Michael I noticed most entities I attract are of chaotic nature. (Michael, Lucifer, Loki, Set)

Sadly my view on the supernatural was awfully black and white back in the day, I have done my fair share of foolish things I am not proud of, feeling like I may have embarassed myself in front of some of the dukes, earls and kings I wish to contact in this day and age, oh well, we live and we learn.

Right now I am reading the Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield and I am genuinely amazed by the humor I have encountered. I am thinking of starting with simple petitions before evoking a connection?
The reason I wish to do so is because of Asmodeus, as of late he has been predominant in my readings, offering strength in an apprenticeship, my dilemma being an issue with a once close friend whom I fail to maintain a proper relationship with. I was surprised at first since I don’t feel like I am the type of person that would seek his help (better said he would have interest in mentoring), see I am not big on romance, sex and lust, trust issues to blame, maybe that’s another reason why I should agree? Either way I want to see what he has to offer and how I can learn from him.

This has been a long post oh dear, anyways thanks for reading, I am looking forward to meeting people who share the same interests as me and whom I can embark on this journey with.

Have a great day, afternoon or night!


Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Thank you!