I am quite new to this community and new to magick. I’ve had friends who partook in activities, but I never had the chance to yet.

This year and last year was a true awakening for me so far, as there was much eye-opening moments and deep realizations. I also play lots of D&D and so this is when I first heard of the Nine Hells, which lead me to read more about that world in D&D because it interested me so much. It then leaded me to learn about the goetia and the King’s and Prince’s.

One of the demon’s name that heavily interested me in D&D was Asmodeus. I became heavily fascinated with him and so these past few weeks I researched about him and other demons as well as I was always fascinated with demons. I’m quite happy d&d sparked up this interest within me to deepen my knowledge of the inspirations that created the roleplay game.

Since then, I’ve grown fond of seeking an audience with Asmodeus and I have been praticing some meditation to really connect with myself on a spiritual level. His name keeps echoing in my mind from time to time, especially when I am in the shower or half asleep, feeling as if he is calling to me, but I do not have much tools as I would like to call him, and I want to welcome him pleasantly, since in the future I would really like to work with him.

Aside from Asmodeus, I have a heavy interest in working with a scrying mirror. I want to build my own altar space for when the time comes to want to speak with spirits. I would like to learn more about black magick and it’s practices.

Since a child, elementary school, I always had a name stuck to me, which is my username; Axcellios. I feel him to be a demon that has been bound to me and that has helped me throughout my life. I feel he is calm and collected and is the rational part of me, protecting me.

Although with Axcellios, I did battle a lot with another demon whose name I never heard until last year, when he finally felt ready to tell me, and as he did I feel like he now owns me, but I am happy that we became friends because it was truly difficult going through all that when I was younger. Chaos, is his name and I feel he encompasses the lust, impulses, spontanity. He is quite fun when he isn’t being an ass, I enjoy having them both around. I sort of feel as if Chaos is the more dominant one and Axcellios is like the opposite personality of Chaos but they seem to be the same demon, if that makes any sense, although they do look very different. (I am still learning about this and understanding them.)

I am a makeup artist and I found it very interesting that I was able to produce their faces on myself, so looking in the mirror as the image of Chaos or Axcellios is very gratitfying and the energies that pulse through me as I display them on myself is very different, but really awesome.

I also wonder if they work for any demon’s or if they were lonesome wanderers that bounded themselves to me. Sometimes I feel as my body is a vessel for them and we all love comfortably inside my mind together.

I apologize for talking so much hahaha
I guess it’s rare that I’m able to talk about this sort of stuff since not many people around me understand when I speak to them about this.

So long story short, I am happy to have found this forum, it will be nice meeting you all and partaking in further discussions! :smiley:

I’m a bit of a major geek, gamer and artist (drag, makeup and cosplay mostly :smiley:)


Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new things,

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Welcome. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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Welcome to our big fucked up demonic family, bruh! :rofl::fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2::smirk:

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Welcome to the forum !

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