Introductions Are in Order

Hello all my name is David, I have been following and practicing the art of magik as well as doggedly perusing the path to personal power and ascent for 9 years now and am looking to get more into the magikal community.

I am the son of a Christian minister which of course messed up most of my childhood which led to problems in my early adult life (battling with substance abuse as well as other social problems) which is what led me on to the path of working with the 9 demonic entities known as the gatekeepers. Since I first called upon Lucifer (my patron deamon) Belial, Azazel, and of course Abadon my life has been drastically and miraculously turned around and set on a path of true understanding, power and happiness.

And so after doing some divination on the topic of what my future may hold, my tarrot cards suggested I needed to “lean into” and “trust” my witch kin more then I have over the years cause now is the time of Ascension… So here I am. lol :smiley:


Welcome. May you find what you seek.

Welcome to the forum.