Hi my name is matt, I started magick a year ago so I’m not too experienced. I have had some evocations done but thats about all. I’m fresh. There is a problem that I have that needs to be addressed immediately. My mind is under a big ass attack. I can meditate, I cant imagine anything, I have 0 thoughts, I have no emotion. I had spirit’s and when I go to bed or do anything at all like sit for two seconds, I get drained of my energy. And a cold ass feeling sweeps in and drowns my good comfortable feeling. It feels like I’m about to get murdered 24/7. No spirits answer to me. I cant think straight. I’m hurting badly. Ive tried healing too. When I try and get help it always turns around on me. There is an entitie or something big that grabbed a hold of my mind. And i lost myself. I cant even take off my shoes without my mind being abused. Noise hurts me too. EVERY noise drives me crazy. I feel like committing suicide becauseno matter what I do this fucking entitie/s torture the shit out of my whole being. Djinn maybe?

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When i fall asleep all he’ll lets loose and i receive visions of bald headed dudes raping women but like a faint image.

There are some excellent YouTube materials by E.A. Koetting.


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Try reading this: Some Banishing Methods


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