I’m Mike. I’m 39 years old. Have been studying various aspects of magick since I was 13. Started with a golden dawn based system quickly found that to be too constricting.

Have had success in several entities. My personal favorite was Clauneck. A month ago I performed an undertaking calling Clauneck, Mammon, Bune, and finally Leviathan. When L was called he dismissed me quickly saying to seek out Azazel.

During first evocation Azazel asked me to destroy all prior pacts and to work exclusively with him for 6 months. I agreed. A month later (last week) I took a nasty fall. When the doctor showed me the xray showing my kneecap split into two, I heard A say to me “Never kneel again”

Very long introduction but it flowed quickly.

I’ve been stalking the threads for a while and felt it time to speak up.



I know that feel

What do you currently practice?

Don’t really know what to call it but just experimenting to find whatworks for my goals. Not really a subscriber to one “system” alone

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Brother, I’m disgusted that you’re not a teenybopper.
It’s sad, isn’t it?


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That’s an issue?

Welcome to the forum.


Me 56. And welcome!