Hi im new to this. My name is Sumaya and i am 33. I tried invoking bune lastnight and i sensed something very strong, however not sure if it was just my imagination cz i sensed this long after closing the invokation. So i figured if it was bune i would keep to my end of the deal even though what i requeated has not come true yet, bt there is no harm in praising bune as if he has already delivered right?

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Was your invocation of Bune your first foray into magick?

Yes, however iv always been intrigued by magick. I must admit i tried summoning bune a few times in the past few weeks n nothing happened. Last night was the first time i actually sensed something.

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Welcome to the forum.

What method did you use?

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Welcome ! I think that depends on you , how do you feel…trust your emotions ! Emotions are always my guide. For sure all the others have a better ‘‘gnosis’’ than me!

In the past i burnt candles incense etc, but last night all i did was repeat his enn n look at his sigil.

Awesome, sounds like your off to a good start. I am curious what it was that you sensed? There is no wrong or right answer since each person is different, I was just curious and others may like to hear your experience.

Well i was laying in bed and i sensed a really strong being standing at the door of my bedroom. I didnt hear or see anything apart from weird noises in the apartment prior to that which i just brushed off.

Hi, i have a question… Are other demons able to pretend to be say lucifer or bune?

Welcome. You need to develop ways to protect yourself while doing magic.

Ok cool, thank u. Will read up on it.