Rised in a partially Pagan, partially Catholic household i began studying folklore very young, mostly in the area of faery, norse and other mythos but was not “allowed” to put anything I learned from my father into practice except for minor magick that was easily concealed. At a fairly young age I would spend weeks in the summer with my grandmother on her tree farm where she taught me about wild plants, what is edible and what they can be used for, how to find them etc. I was a bit of a loner and learned all I could about this to this day as i find it both fascinating and practical, especially for a fairly minimalist practitioner. I think it is also important to note the house I grew up in was very spiritually active and from as young as I can remember interacting with these spirits. While I would see them and interacted through emotions my father could smell their presence and my mother would merely sense them being their and their intention, my grandmother however would communicate with those who recently died or didnt understand they were dead, she had an affinity for helping them cross over. Coincidentally enough she was a neonatal nurse in her ypunger yeara, helping to deliver babies but was gifted in that she could tell you days before someone specific would pass. I first started really practicing magic consciously about 10 years ago when I moved out, and have become fairly proficient in herbalism, healing, cleansing/banishing, and other forms of magick. My practice is solitary and is definately much more spiritual than it is religious. I’m mostly interested in connecting with other magickal people and learning through discussion and the experiences of others as that is the information that has stuck with me most growing up. My husband and I move fairly frequently and its been difficult to really establish those connections in person. Originally from Wisconsin, I then moved to Arizona and am now residing in North Dakota. I am currently persuing my degree in soil and crop science as well as sustainability with hopes in one day restoring our planets lovely habitats and helping our farmers to create a more sustainable way to feed the masses.


Welcome to the forum. Awesome introduction btw

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Welcome to the forum. Do you work with the planet’s ley lines?

I do not I’m sorry