I’ve been reading a lot of posts the past couple days and really like a lot of what I’ve seen. I have been able to communicate with spirits and entities of all kinds most of my life but it’s always been when they want to talk and never me initiating the interaction. And it also takes so much of my energy I usually have to lay down after. My house was “haunted” I guess you could say growing up but I’ve been told my energy and my own spirit attracts things. I’ve had two different spirits that have followed me most of my life because of this.

I’m really wanting to develop and grow because I’ve been told I have potential but I can’t go into a trance state. I feel like I’ve been able to going into trance once on my own and astral project but it was so short lived because I got distracted and was pulled back to my body. If anyone has any tips on how to enter trance and what that feels/ looks like that would be awesome.

I’m so excited to be able to learn more and be able to do evocations. I welcome any and all advice. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.