Hello, I don’t have a “witch name” yet, My name is Natalie.
(I apologize for being all over the place thats just me)
I live south of Chicago, I was born in the suburbs. I guess some family and family friends have taught me a lot about hoodoo although I am eclectic meaning I study and practice from many different paths.
I am really interested in learning about the Annunakis ancient sciences, I’m big on learning the science behind things so I’d love to learn as much as possible about anything relating to that. I have been studying the power of words and frequencies for a while now so I can help with anything on the subject of using sound/words, along with reprogramming your subconscious to shape your reality, subliminal messaging, and my experiences with that and biokenisis. I can also help with information on chakras.
I like magick involving love and am willing to share my experience with love spells/blood magick as well as learn from others on that matter including sex magick.
Id also like to learn more on elementals, fae, even dragons and would like to better understand the practices involving them (Im all over the place I told you lol)
I’m new to working with Inanna/Astarte (1yr) which is how I originally stumbled upon this website so I’d love to learn more about working with her as well as share any of my personal experience with her!
Some extra random info bout me is I’m an artist, I’m really drawn to Bunnies, Doves, ALL animals really. I have a lot of animal companions…I’m 19 (Sagittarius), majoring in animal science, I’m a caregiver, and I love crystals… Thank you!

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WElcome to the forum, @mamipacha! May you find what you are looking for here.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.