Hi everyone…I am Shiva Yogi. But I go by yogi robbie because a lot of people don’t understand the very significance of the word Shi-va.

I am a master yantra yogi along with deep exploration into the vishuddhi (Throat) chakra which is the chakra that explores that very dimension of life. The moment you become a master of vishuddhi just the way you are, stand & sit become magnetic for people because you have touched a dimension beyond the physical nature of existence. There are deeper dimensions. But feel free to ask me anything…I saw one post about Surya Sparsh this is a living reality. We can make a corpse simply walk. However this requires knowledge, experience, a certain deity & the capability to do such things and many more.

Om Hreem Sri Gurubyuo Namaha :pray::om::pray:
(please do not use this mantra - it is extremely powerful and unless a mantra has been given by a yogi or mystic it will do more harm than good believe me)

Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any experience in magick outside of your yogic path?