Hello my name is Albert Blackledge, I own idea to Market a DIY inventors education company, I teach invention and creation and have students design products in their minds or in front of them based on the 5 Platonic solids.

I am in several groups of the occult and my knowledge is vast.

I got bored time traveling so I bought the soul travel course as e.a. seems to have a better tour guide than I currently possess. I’m not interested in summoning spirits or anything from the deep caverns of the mind. Me and azazel already had our proper introduction. I use my black mirror to talk to my higher self who has directed me to teach invention and creation with magic.

I’m not sure how your supposed to write one of these and I can barley spell but ya here you go~


What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

You claim “vast” knowledge, but about what, exactly?

What systems or methods of magick do you have experience in. You haven’t really told us anything about your magical experience.

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That’s kind of a broad question, but to simplify it I would consider myself a master in the arts of hermetics and tantrik Shaivism.

But as with all knights I keep my sword sharp so it’s always ready to go, which means I’m always learning about all things and I never stop.

Welcome to the forum @godandmyright,

affections to your residence among us @godandmyright