Preferred Name Zimi, Arkansas, i like to study demons, i am new to all magick, I cant really teach anything because i am new


Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

How old are you?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

What goals or struggles are you looking to magick to help with?

I am turning 15 next month,
I am finding out the way to summon Ziminiar after a Ouija board told me I was his human incarnate until death, as two souls take power of one vessel
I need help summoning Ziminiar

It’s pretty silly to take something a Ouija board tells you as true, especially as a beginner. Just because a board supposedly told you this, doesn’t make it so, and believing it when you have no experience in actual magick leads to delusions of grandeur and madness.


Which is why summoning him would prove if it true or not

No, it wouldn’t prove anything. Spirits cater to our own biases. In other words, the spirit will simply tell you what you want to hear. This is a pitfall many beginners fall into.

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Then what would you suggest?

I suggest you put the entire idea out of your head and actually start learning how to perform magick before you swallow the Ouija board Kool-Aid.

You’re a complete beginner in magick, so I will tell you a hard truth:

Spirits can lie.

They will cater to your own biases and simply tell you what you want to hear if you have not developed the power of discernment which comes with experience.

Spirits are not all knowing nor all powerful, contrary to the rantings of those of a more religious bent. They have agendas, and nothing should be taken at face value.

Everybody want to be special, and delusions of grandeur abound in the occult. People get away with making all sorts of ridiculous claims to make themselves feel like they are “better” or “superior” to others in some way. It doesn’t make it fact.

Learn magick, develop discernment, and then maybe revisit what you were told. Otherwise, you will simply feed your own delusions of who and what you may be and waste your time “flying around the astral” but accomplishing nothing.


Still, what magick should I start with? Do you need my birthdate to help with suggestions?

What does your birth date have to do with anything?

Read through the beginner resources available on this forum. Learn the basics of trance, and energy work. That’s where you should start.

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Thank you, and birthdate has to do with astrological sign which is sometimes believed can help with different types of magick

Only if you believe it does. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

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@Zimi welcome :blush:, The journey your choosing to embark on is a precarious one at times, it cannot be forced, you need to learn the basics before jumping in.
I agree with @DarkestKnight the board without previous experience or knowledge can be false.
Read and talk to those on the forum, gain knowledge and find the right path for you.
Good luck