I’m Frater Dominus Umbra Noctis, I have 40 years old and come here to expand my knowledge into operative draconian path, qliphotic alchemy, vampyric alchemy(ascent into predatory subtle energy body) and true ascent. I have followed different path until now on my own. I come from western european country and I apologize for my horrible english.
BALG seems to becoming the main source for LHP and Black Magick student who wants operative knowledge so I’m grateful to have the opportunity to come here.
F. Dominus Umbra Noctis

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum :hugs:


You haven’t really told us anything about your magical experience. All you have said was “I have followed different paths” which can mean anything.

What is your current practice and how long have you been doing it?

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I have first focused on tamil siddha tradition during 5 years and received several diksha and shaktipat under sadguru guidance and then practice alone 2005-2010 years, my practice was only focused on pranayams, mantra and surrender meditation in which the sadhak let the sakti do the work without trying to control her. After many self inquiry and research I have felt a deep call to the left hand path and then study various path first I have started with Michael Ford during 3 years reading and practicing mainly from The book of the witchmoon, Akhkharu, Dragon of the 2 flames. On the meantime I have started to work on several meditation, internal energy practice to go outside the cosmic dimension and attain a void predatory subtle body and until now my research is in working progress. I have a deep link with Lilith. After 3 years I have then add workings from Asenath Mason,Daemon Barzai, Edgar Kerval etc focusing on different mask of Lilith and especially her vampiric and Spider Goddess aspect to perform Qliphotic and transqliphotic workings. Recently I have get the book of Enoch Petrucelly The Black Witch that I have found amazing with his demonic tongue practice and qliphotic method using tools or no tools, also the book of soul retrieval is excellent to get rid of many parasit and spiritual lock in order to get real results with Qliphotic pathworkings.
Along all these things I have added many other method from eastern tradition and vampiric ones. My main interest is ascent into a kind of" in between immortal being "…


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome :slight_smile: