Hi guys!

My name is Juulia and I am from Finland. My native language is Finnish not English, so sorry if my English can be sometimes kinda poor.

I have been into paranormal stuff my whole life. But magick and occultism is kinda new to me. I started as a right hand path practitioner but it didn’t feel good for me. So I began to read lhp literature and felt like I was home.

So yesterday after reading and studying the subject was my first time calling Lucifer. I felt that He was present. I asked for the signal if He was there and the flame of my candle (which was already bigger than ever) went really tall for less than a second. I also felt like someone was touching me.

So here I am learning from you guys. Juulia

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Glad to see another Finn here. Welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum.

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