Hi all, after a few months of lurking on the forum, and getting a wealth of great info from so many contributors, I am finally joining in the sandbox with everyone else.
I come from a magickal lineage, mostly folk magic and hoodoo. I practiced off an on, but for the last two years it has become more prevalent in my life. I have added working with spirits, as this seemed a natural progression and most useful to the next generation in the family.
I started with the goetia, as well as some angelic and nature spirits, and look forward to different currents and pantheons. Oh, I found the Olympic spirits to be very cool, too.
Magick is infinite and I am the eternal student, so I am here for the ride.
Look forward to learning a lot, and if I can, contribute some thoughts, and ideas from my own experience.


Welcome to the forum.

Thank you :blush: