to keep my information as private as possible, i would like to begin with the name i will be going by on this forum. while i know there are probably already many other “azazel”s, i will stick with the username i chose (a.zazel) which i hope to be addressed as. my location can be described as a southwestern state in the US. i’m a fairly young member (only 15) so i do not have much background experience in almost all forms of magick. since i was a younger child, i’ve been interested in the occult and always thought i had an affinity for something greater than our seemingly material world. in the past year i’ve made many attempts to learn more about magick and even attempted a few incantations. none of which have worked which i will blame on lack of proper knowledge. i will, however, include that i have attempted to create a few sigils which have been mostly successful. the reason for me joining has already been posted in a prior topic (sorry for not doing my introduction first, i didn’t know). im very eager to learn as much as possible and hope the people on here can overlook my young age.

Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome :slight_smile: