Hello everyone.
I am Kenny(Nickname) and am pretty new to the occult. I live in germany and was raised as a catholic (altarboy and all the stuff). Somehow I did not really connect with the whole idea of christianity, jesus, heaven and so on but it still left a bit of a mark that I still am hesitant to work with the darker side. Still working on overcoming fears and so on.I started reading a few books on the subject and started meditation a few weeks ago and am still searching for a system or area I want to work with. I have the books of solomon and the works of E.A. still on my shelf but they are still unread. Not sure what i will start with first. At the moment I am meditating every day and see small (very) improvements, I am starting with Tarot and plan to work with the goetia but in a more respectful way if possible. Furthermore i am interested in shamanism and druidism.
Im looking forward to be a part of this community and wish everyone the best of luck/results with their workings.


Welcome @Kenny90 :slight_smile: