Hello I am a newish practitioner of the “dark” arts. I’ve tried to meditate for several hours but nothing seems to happen for me. After one meditation, however, I became very emotional about a YouTube video I was watching (it wasn’t something I would have regularly teared up with). I have used pathways to ask demons like Belial to do certain things and some of them have worked but they were small things like seeing someone on the street. I really want to get into this as it is a way of life but I don’t know what to do. I want to be able to see them and hear them. Thank you in advance for your help.

For more information:
My name is Alexander and I live in North Carolina, USA. I honestly need help with everything because I am completely lost. What helped you when you began (everything after breathing and meditation)? If I could see or hear a spirit or demon, that would be a great first step for me. Ultimately, I would like to learn Necromancy (especially to talk to the dead), astral & soul travel (and going to other planes of existence), and learning to evoke and invoke demons so I can both gain from them and learn from them. I can not currently give help to anyone because I do not really know anything.

Also, if it makes a difference on why I am not able to see or feel anything, I did grow up a Christian. I do not have the negative mindset associated with demons and I am done with Christianity but that might be why I am not experiencing any results?

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Your Christian upbringing has NOTHING to do with your inability to see and hear spirits. Most people don’t see or hear them, and as a beginner, it is silly to think that you should be able to. Real magick is not Hollywood magick, and spirits don’t appear in a puff of smoke, unless you have developed your senses enough to see them.

It requires work. It’s like going to the gym. You can’t go once and expect a muscular body to just happen. You have to develop it, slowly, over time.

Can you enter trance, or what we here call the Theta/Gamma sync?

I appreciate you replying. I tried searching for this but I haven’t found any concrete information on what to do after meditation. I’ve been practicing breathing but I don’t know what to do between breathing and invoking demons. And I can not enter any trance or sync. How do you do that? Sometimes when I meditate, time passes a lot faster.

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Welcome to the forum. I personally find things to help me come back to this reality like eating, reading a book or listening to pop music.

Here is my thread you might find useful.

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Learn banishing. You’ll feel the energy move when you become good. Then learn evoking. That should keep you going for four to six months - just finding your way. All rituals are based upon either banishing or evoking, that’s why it’s so important.

Study different decks of Taro cards on line. Find the one you really are drawn to. Purchase that deck and a 100% casting cloth and drawstring bag large enough to contain cards wrapped in cloth. Don’t read any books. The Taro is a book. Study it. After say a full season get The Tarot by Alfred Douglas.

Get a cheap Magickal diary and keep coded notes.

That should get you started. And remember: If your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it correctly! (Took me too many wasted years before I learnt that.)



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