Besides this being a rule in this forum , I don’t think people are going to care that much about me anyway, but here it goes.

My name is Maggy and I am 17.
I was first introduced to the left hand path by a website called Black Witch Coven. I liked and even found the posts interesting even though I never tried to follow that path. Then while browsing some more posts I came across an advertisement of EA Koetting and researched about him. And now I’m here. Truth is his work and dedication to the left hand path is what motivated me to “Become A Living God” . However, I am inexperienced and right now, I’m still at the very beggining of my magickal journey. I wish to form a working relationship with Belial because -from what I gather- he has a lot to teach and is a great mentor for begginers like me.

See ya.


Thank you, and welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome and enjoy

Hi, @Magerim! I’m new, too. :slight_smile:

Hello Iris! Nice to see I am not the only newbie around here :smile:


I find Belial to be wonderful to work with, and I feel that getting a grasp on your path in your teens is the best time. Wish you luck

Thank you, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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