Introduction =)


Hello everyone!

I’ve been lurking, studying and reading this site for a few months now and finally felt like it was time to join as I’ve started on this path,
I was the typical Catholic girl that never felt comfortable with religion and was drawn to Wicca very early on (middle school - high school age), but after a while I just didn’t feel it was the right path for me. I learned that I have a natural “gift” for revenge type workings.This past year I’ve gotten to know and learn from several rootworkers, but again …just wasn’t everything I was looking for. I take a bit from each and love continuing to learn about all the different ways to manifest and shape my own life/goals. I am definitely still new and probably have a million questions (don’t worry I’ll use that search function lol). I am currently learning everything I can about the Goetia - and was fortunate enough to already have amazing contact with Duke Dantalion and King Belial. I look forward to chatting with everyone and continuing to learn!


Welcome to the BALG forum.


Welcome to the forum @StarE3!


Welcome and enjoy the forum :wink:




Welcome to the forum :hugs: