Hello. I’m Esyn, I’m from NZ and have been a long standing solitary practitioner of the LHP and Norse tradition (although I moved away from it to concentrate on the former). Magick has basically been the essence of my life. Been in it for, shit, a long time. I deep dived sigil magick in my 20s after reading a book of Aleister Crowleys. I forget the name, was such a long time ago. Threw myself into the study of symbology, Solomonic magick, some stuff from the Golden Dawn.
Divination, sigil magick, dream and astral work is the staple of my practice and ongoing journey. Tbh, I’m here on the prompting of Ba’al to connect and seek out others on the same path. Coming forward and actively seeking ppl of the same ilk has never been my strong point and is my greatest struggle as I tend to stay in my own lane and not pay much attention to what anyone else is doing. But, when you work with demons, your will becomes theirs so hello :wave:t3:

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Welcome @Esyn

Approximately how long have you been practicing?

Do you follow any specific systems or traditions?

What are your areas of magical interest?

Been practising for a good 15 years. Specific system or traditions would be an incorporation of Taoism with current infernal path workings. Magical interest? My current path workings with Ba’al which is pretty fresh at the moment.