Greetings all. I’m from Nigeria. Keeping tabs with this site and E.A. Koetting’s lore to the left-hand path, has been an on-and-off affair since 2016, until today I decided to partake fully in the forum. Same goes with my practice of the craft since time immemorial when I was still a child. In my country, there’s this discrimination against people who take up my path — not like I care what they say, but it truly has hindered me in some way from the craft’s advancements, as well as adulthood and the responsibilities it comes with.

Hope I’m welcomed.

However, I had a dream few days ago, and would appreciate your honest answer and interpretation about it.


In the dream, I knelt down, used my phone to Google “how to summon the demon in Codex Gigas”. In the Google search engine, I saw images of a demon — a fish (looks like the tilapia) with long tail like that of a dragon. All colourful. The fish having hues of different colours with bright bluish-greenish being the dominant, while the tail has different colour hues with bright scarlet being the dominant.

Just as I tapped and hold on the image from the Google search, the demon physically appeared beside me in its mightiest glory, but disappeared after a short while.

In a moment, I heard “Mephistopheles”, then suffered a moment of sleep paralysis. I struggled for a while before waking up.

Please, can someone in the forum help me with honest interpretation from your experiences in demonology?

Thank you in advance.

Welcome @lordlexy

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you actually practiced? You haven’t really said anything about whether you have any practical experience or not.

What areas of magick are you interested in?

Dark Magick — demonology, spell casting, necromancy…etc. For some strange reasons, I detest Judeo-Christian god. Maybe cos he turned his back on my grandparents, parents, and brother, who were staunch Jewish (Judaism) and Christian, when they needed him most until they died as a result. Ever since then, I DETESTED god and anything that has to do with him or church, for having woefully failed my loved ones.

Irrespective of all I have been, I think now is the time for me to deeply invest my time in the craft cos I have nothing else to lose in this life.

So…you still haven’t said whether you have any practical experience or not.

Are you just beginning your practice?

Yes, I have some practical experiences since I was a teenager. I used a protective circle then. Only problem was that the results are always short lived which is kinda frustrating. And that was over a decade ago

The protective circle was drawn on the floor with a white chalk, which I cleaned up afterwards