I created a new account as i forgot my old account have been practicing all forms of magic for about 2years now stopped for awhile. Im now back on the platform to get back into the craft.Looking for new information that will aid me in bettering my craft.

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Welcome @Mommy

Where are you from?

Such as? This doesn’t really tell us anything about what, exactly, it is you have experience in.

What was your old username? That account will need to be closed.


Im from nj. I have done some sympathetic magic evoking chaos to name a few I have been out of touch with the practice as I’ve been dealing with life and Covid-19 and now personal situations has brought me back to wanting to engage in the art of magic again.

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And what was your previous account?

I think it was Brittany mayweathers

Is this it?

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Yes i forgot the password for it

How would i start a topic what are the steps please explain thank-you.

If that was your previous account, then you should already know how to start a topic, seeing as you started four of them under that username.

Just go to the main screen, and you will see a large button on the right that says “New Topic.” Click on it, and just fill in the boxes.

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