Hello! I am Ella.

For now, I’m based in Austin, TX. It’s a truly lovely city but, unfortunately, the mecca for right-path occultists as well, and therefore a very tough place for me to find community in my magickal journey. I’m often met with moralizing discourse and an overwhelming willingness to surrender to half-baked iterations of karma, so I am very, VERY thankful to find a forum where such behavior is outlawed :heart_eyes:

I grew up in a dogmatic Christian household that suppressed any exploration of the occult, and for a while, this was how it was. However, leaving home for college allowed me to finally tap into my long-dormant curiosities, talents, and modes of expression. After studying and practicing for about 1 year, I’ve learned a healthy amount about Western astrology, a healthy amount about the history of magic, a bit about folk magic practices, and the basic concept of ceremonial magic.

Since freedom, I’ve also tapped into innate psychic abilities and a reservoir of raw power that I have no idea how to use or protect. I drive lovers mad or sick, yet make friends and strangers I just met feel like they found a new mother. I have intense visions, dreams, and auditory and sensory messages but have a hard time creating a comprehensible relationship with my high receptibility. It’s as if I’m a slave to it, yet somehow intuitively know how to make others a slave to it as well.

All in all, I know some, but I want to know much, much, much more - knowledge, practices, lifestyles. I have so many questions and creative, curious energy; it feels as if I could burst, or simply dissolve into the mystery. Instead, I’ve arrived here. Let’s see what happens!


Welcome to the forum. And nice intro.

Are there specific topics you’re interested in? Do you have a daily.or.routine practice?


Yeah that was a good quality intro. Welcome to the forum

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Hi Ella, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:


Welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you! :hugs:

As for topics, I am greatly interested in many things. Vampirism, deities, sexuality, curses, astral travel, scrying, telepathy, divination, and that’s just off the top of my head. Really, I am trying to identify this energetic quality I describe above. I want to know this resource so I can work with it, and every day, a new topic or question pops into my head over how to do so.

That being said, my daily routine is very scholarly. Lots of research. Lots. Here recently, I’ve been reading various folk magic, psychic, and ceremonial magic texts to get a greater understanding of how their mechanisms work. It’s pretty baseline stuff, but I want a strong, informed foundation. As for practice, it varies from day to day. Not ritualistic, but organic. Divination, folk magick spells, meditation, always writing about new things I notice or learn.

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It could be that you have a natural talent in that area, so it’s easier for the energy to manifest following those paths. I would try to add a little more structure to your daily practice to potentially give it other avenues to pursue that are more towards your liking. Something like a banishing ritual that has more than a few steps to it, but doesn’t have to be complicated or take a while.

I would also add some type of meditation into the mix, whether it’s a sit down type or something moving. This may also help smooth out your energy spikes.

Just some thoughts I had when I should be sleeping :slight_smile:

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I see! Those are great points and pieces of advice. Thank you so much for this feedback!