I am a 51y/o white male. Married 30 yrs, 5 children 9 grandkids. Spent 20+ years too long as a Mormon, was ex’d for being an Apostate/“Severe Threat to the church”. Can’t dis a lot of my experience in there, but I have a fault on going too many extra miles for people to prove themselves- or organisations. I was kicked out wih the admonition" you study too much" by people who did not know anything of their own religion. Every spiritual manifestation, angel appearance or whatever- I was told to ignore or was ‘from evil’ as I was not to have such things without church approval. Temple worker surrounded by people who new othing but what I called “Spiritual Masterbation” fiddle around oing churchy things until they get the ‘good feeling’ but basically producing nothing.
32 degree Freemason, past High Priest Royal Arch, Past Illustrious Master Cryptic Council Past Commander Templar Commandery. Though I love it is was another expriance of me being surrounded by people who did not know what the order was or about as well as very racist which I hated.
Total Polymath, Rabid Biblophile, always have several books of different discaplines in the process of reading and or studying. Have read 7 defferant versions of the bible from cover to cover and crossref’d all of them as well as Hebrew greek transliteration- and Albert Pike morals and Dogma and Magnum Opus.
Recent confession to being a Luciferian. and rather than the Self Supression activities of my Buddhism and former religion, have begun working to unfetter and break the shackles I accepted in the hopes of being a better being. ended up being an annoyance to every body who needed “my Soldiers Prowess” and someone to prevent them from doing stupid assed things- or at least be more verbal and vocal against their path to destruction. Case in Point. During my study and Practice of Buddhism, my daughters married into a FAMILY AS 2ND AND 3RD WIVES, against my wishes, but I was not willing to stand in their way even though he was clearly a worthless piece of vile excrement. 10 years later we finally were able to rescue them from the cult compound. he has finally been sent to prison for 7 years. but they are stuck with 3 and 5 kids respectively, kids who inherited ‘mental obsticles’ and now they are starting their life over. meanwhile, his cult and families are doing all their Mormon secret curses and mojo against me- which I am sorta holding my own, but it is really time for this Infantry soldier to go to Magickkal Basic and AIT- and begin showing them I am not afraid of a human wave coming at me (in my last life I was killed in korea by a human wave attack) and frankly really enjoy the engagement. BUT I REALLY WOULD LOVE FOR SOMEONE TO HELP ME BE ABLE TO TOAST THESE FKRS. duty calls, more later.


Welcome Frater DM to the fold



BTW, don’t worry about Bran’s Demonic Nipple/Tattoo. That’s ONLY required after working though Works of Darkness and Kingdoms of Flame:)

Then, if you are worthy, you progress to the “Sacred Heart Club”…different than the “Lonely Heart’s Club”…but still a club.

Welcome…you will LOVE this place!

I think they should make that tattoo mandatory for entry into this forum. Helps keep the Fluffy’s and sunas’ out lol…but I suppose with out those guys there would be no shit smothered ponies.

Welcome Frater Dark Matter! You have a very interesting history and I’m sure that you will have some very interesting posts in the near future. I’m confident that with all the information buzzing around this forum, you’ll fuck those cunts up good and proper in no time at all.

Welcome to the forums

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you’re in the right place. Lots of helpful people and tons of knowledge to keep you motivated and busy.