Hello everyone. After months of browsing the forum I decided to make an actual account. I’m thankful for the opportunity to join a group of people with similar interests and hope to learn more in the future. Im from the south eastern region of the United States. I’m 31. I started practicing magic at an early age. I can read tarot but prefer not to. A couple years ago I summoned Uvall and he was kind of my introduction into working with the spirit realm. Now most of my energy goes into working with Sallos and Belial. Both have helped me tremendously.

Welcome @Ash3

How long, exactly, have you practiced? This doesn’t really tell us anything.

What do you practice? Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

How long? I think I bought my first “spell book” after watching halloweentown in grade school lol. As far as how many years exactly, I have no idea. Spell wise I’ve tampered with a lot but I’d mainly write my own. I have a little bit of experience with hoodoo. I’ve never really been one to follow exact guidelines or stick to a certain type of spells. I’ve just always done what feels right if that makes sense. I don’t participate in spell work often anymore. Only when necessary and even then I wouldn’t gravitate towards a specific classification of a type of spell.

Hi, is this you?

I can close the old account if you want to use this one now. :+1:

No lol