Hello there, I’m a new member.

I would like to be as anonymous as possible. My name is really really REALLY strange. They are no more than 280 girls called as I do. It means ‘exaltation of the Holy Cross’.

I’m from a small region of Spain, very associated to witches and demons. Most of the witches’ coven in Spain were made there, so our culture and history is full of those stories.

I’ve been always interested in magic, monsters and demons. My theory is that I’m actually a witch reincarnation. I have a strong mental connection with animals, a big sensitivity about spirits, and… Strangely, I cannot touch hot things (for example, hot water or dishes with hot food) when they are not really hot for other people. Which makes me think that in a past life I could have been buried alive.

I may sound a little bit weird but it is what I really feel about myself. I have a Leviathan Cross tattooed.

I experienced 3 Ouija sessions.
I talked with spirits by the pendulum.
I punished my enemy with a revenge black magic.

I usually talk to tarot readers because I really need help. As I talked about my enemy, this subject destroyed me, that’s the reason of my revenge. I’m a victim of gender violence. Since then, I’m destroyed. I’m depressed, I feel anxiety, I have attacks of anger and I don’t know what to do. These type of actions negatively affected my future and present. My relationships, my mental situation. Sometimes I wish I die because I really think that would be better for everybody. I don’t feel people loving me. So I trust no one. I’m talking to a psychologist and I quit taking medication, but I still need help.

I really hope I can find it here.

I really don’t know if I’m actually cursed.


Welcome to our corner of the internet.

…the Basque Country?



How long have you practiced magick, at least in this current life time?

Do you practice any specific systems or traditions?

Thank you!

‘Practiced magic’ sounds very generic for me. For example, my first Ouija experience was 12 years ago.

I made some white magic rituals and only one black magic (which I would not say it is absolutely black magic, because it was a ‘revenge ritual’). Almost 2 years ago was my first one.

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Welcome to the forum.

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