We’re a couple, both experienced to different degrees. Mainly into Germanic revivalism, but there’s also some degree of eclecticism.

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This is not enough information to qualify as an introductory post.

We need to know what we should call, rough where you are from and old you are. We also need to know how long you have practiced, and if there is anything particular you are here to learn from us.

We need this information so that we can properly address and advise you.


Regarding what you should refer to us as, I already have a profile name.

With regards to your request for personal information such as name and location, the following rules do not stipulate such a requirement;
• Your name
• Photos if you’re comfortable
• Kinds of magick you like
• Current goals
• Current struggles

Since you have the name, are aware of our desire for some level of anonymity online, and that we’re mainly Germanic revivalists, I also advise you to study both the username and profile picture. They’re both related to a certain esoteric ideology which would elaborate upon the two unaddressed requirements. But to simplify we’re here to network and the goal is immortality.

Have a pleasant day.

@Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight

You have literally told us nothing about you and have not met the requirements of this forum.

What does “Germanic revivalism” encompass?

What systems and traditions of magick do you have experience in?

How long have you practiced?

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Thank you, have a pleasant day.

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Sounds familiar to me :slight_smile:


Germanic revivalism only has one origin, late 19th and early 20th century Germany and Austria, thus connected to Armanenschaft and Ariosophy, all modern Germanic esotericism is based on this revival, including Thorsson’s work.

We have experience with numerous traditions, from Germanic, Satanic, Eastern etc, thus eclecticism is present. Both have done rituals, both have done individual and group magic. Both have experience with different kinds of spirits. We’re both relatively experienced and thus are quite set in our ways, yet open to learning more. Collective experience over two decades, one more consistent than the other.

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Nice to have another experienced practitioner on the site​:black_heart::heart::white_heart: I’m not so familiar with your tradition but seems quite interesting and I will be looking into it.

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Thank you, and you surely should.

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